Fit to Fight

While my blog is all about buying and selling in Homer, it’s also about making the best of life in this place. It excites me that after seven years of living here, I still discover new and exciting things to try.

For example, K-Bay Martial Athletics. I discovered them recently.

 I firmly believe that all Realtors should take a self defense class. Strike that, I think they should take many self defense classes. When I saw one being offered by Kurt Leffler at K-Bay Martial Athletics, I figured I owed it to myself to do it. So, I called up my trusty side-kick, Christine, and we signed up.

It was a fascinating class that not only gave very practical tips on how to defend yourself in a whole slew of situations but also included a thought-provoking conversation about violence. It was hands-down one of the best courses I’ve ever taken.

One of the things Kurt stressed was being fit to fight. That one stuck with me. Sure, I’m fit enough to ski, run a ways, take a hike, skate…the usual. But am I fit enough to fight? Knocking people around isn’t something I do on a regular (or irregular) basis. So, once again, I called up my trusty side-kick, Christine, and signed up for his thrice weekly fit to fight class. 

After all the crazy things I’ve roped her into, I wonder why she still takes my calls?

We had our first class this morning and one thing I learned: I’m not fit to fight. Not fit to fight at all.

It was a great class – I’ve never done anything like it and I think I can get into it! I might not feel that way tomorrow – four hours later and already I feel I’m moving like someone twice my age. But you know? You have to start somewhere.

I encourage you to at least check out the self-defense classes. I got a lot out of the class I took. 

Now if all goes according to plan, by summer I should be fit enough to stand my ground. 
I suspect that this is going to snowball – what’s the point of being fit to fight if I don’t actually know how to fight? Kurt’s running a counter-edge weapons class: I admit, it intrigues me. I might actually earn that ninja mom status that I’ve been joking about on Facebook!

I have to call Christine.

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