Yesterday I treated myself to the best sandwich EVER in the history of healthy sandwiches for lunch (the veggie sandwich from Red Bird Cafe on East End if you’re curious). While happily noshing, I scanned the MLS in hopes of finding the perfect new home for clients of mine.

As I have been for the past few months, I came up empty-handed. Homer is simply low in inventory and it’s getting tough to find a great house that ticks all the boxes.

I have a few tactics up my sleeve for when I come up empty-handed like this. One of them is having a conversation about buying vs. building. There are a few builders in town who will finance a new build project and will work with you to find a great piece of land and build a house that meets both budget and specs.

This works for a lot of people who simply can’t find what they’re looking for. At the end of the project, buyers simply obtain a mortgage from a bank or mortgage broker and buy the house straight from the builder.

So I get excited when a great piece of land comes up for sale. Especially an affordable lot with elbow room, utilities, and a maintained road.

Da Mar Loop is one of those lots I’m excited about. It’s up on Diamond Ridge and close to one of my favorite hiking and ski trails. It’s got power, natural gas, maintained road access… it ticks all my boxes! Even the protective covenants are protective instead of onerous.

At 2.37 acres, you have room to build a house and a separate garage if you’d like. There’s a lot of south-facing space so you can take in the sun when it’s shining. You’ll also have a well and septic system – which is pretty agreeable for that area.

Check it out!

Da Mar Loop
AK MLS #20-14702
Asking price: $49,000