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Shop Local for the Holidays – My List of Favourite Things

I’m trying to decide if I’m more excited about Christmas or the end of this emotional roller-coaster of a year. One thing I do know is that this year, more than ever, shopping local is a must. Being the Covid-safe person that I’m trying to be, I asked our local shop owners about the exciting things they brought in for the holidays. These are my favorites.

When I muster the energy to peel myself away from Netflix, I’ll head out there and tackle my list. I feel a last-minute spree coming on…

As always, please leave me comments or suggestions, and let’s inspire each other to support small businesses and get our shopping done!

  1. Chocolate. Chocolate, and more chocolate. Homer stepped up its chocolate game this year with the opening of Homer Truffle Co.’s new shop. Not only can you stop by and pick up gorgeous confectionaries for your friends and family, but you can also pick up a delicious Mexican pastry to fuel your shopping spree. Wash it down with a glass of drinking chocolate and you’re fueled up. So good!

  2. My daughter’s list is pretty easy this year – she wants something to do. With all of her activities canceled, this kid is dying for something engaging and fun. So I’m going to Captain’s Toy Chest. They’ve got so many cool games and stocking stuffers. I picked up Bananagrams and a game called Quixx for her last year and we’re still playing them.

  3. I got a pandemic puppy this year. She’s a gorgeous black lab and she’s busy! So busy. This year, I’m going to gift MYSELF a few toys to keep that girl occupied from Homer Animal Friends. Lick mats are all the rage and I’m going to get me one. It’s like having a toddler in the house, I tell ya!

  4. You know when you paint one room in your house and all of a sudden you want to paint your entire house? I’m there. I painted the kids’ bathroom and now I want to paint all the things and give my house a refresh. Suspect I’m not the only one who did that. So on this year’s list, I’m adding all things beautiful from Oodalaly. If I’m going to have to keep staring at these walls, they should at least be pretty.

  5. The dumbest thing I bought last year was a 2020 organizer. Ha! I can honestly say that was the least-used of all my office purchases. Instead, I got into bullet journaling. I’m late to the party on that trend but it’s really great! Homer Bookstore sells gorgeous journals and colored pens. I love them. Of course, books are always amazing gifts. I just finished The Immortalists and enjoyed that read.

  6. This summer, a new candy store opened on the Spit and they’re staying open for Christmas shopping. I got hooked on their little doughnuts but for Christmas stockings, I’m adding some candy from Sea Sweets. It’s fun, it’s gorgeous and so delicious!

  7. This summer, I vowed to be a little more self-reliant and put some more effort into my garden. So I spent more time than usual at the Wagon Wheel. Not only do they have great home decor products but they have garden gadgets. You can’t go wrong with garden gear for your green thumb.

  8. If this year taught me anything, it’s that I like to be cozy and I’m always looking for ways to live more sustainably. Sustainable Wares on Ocean Drive brought in these gorgeous throw blankets to cuddle up in. Add a gorgeous bee’s wax candle and it’ll be like giving someone a hug while not actually getting anywhere near them. You can shop online, or visit the store and say hi to Forty the dog.

  9. Experience Gifts are still my favourite gifts to give. I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to get back out in the world. The Homer Rope Tow is opening up and a season’s pass or a few sessions on the slope would be a great gift for the skier in your life.

  10. I am going to celebrate the end of 2020 so much. I’m over this year and I’m longing for some normalcy. I want to see the friends I miss, I want to go home to Canada, I want to take my kids on a crazy adventure. So this year, I’m gifting a bottle of bubbles from the Grog Shop to my friends with hopes that we can toast 2021 with a Zoom celebration and end it in person.

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