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Homer & Anchor Point Market Update

Looks like things are getting hot up in Anchor Point and its not just the temperature!
Our local appraiser, Kirk Olsen, regularly sends market updates to local Realtors®. This week it was Anchor Point’s turn to shine.
In the past 12 months there were 25 home sales in Anchor Point, up one from the previous year.
The median sales price is $194,000, up 11% from last year.
The median number of days for a house to be on the market is 167. Houses are selling 36 days faster this year than last.
This is an interesting statistic: the ratio of median sale price to final list price. Asking price compared to sale price was 97% (which is down 2% from the previous 12 months.
Anchor Point is certainly worth consideration if you’re planning a move to this area. There are some beautiful view lots looking out over Cook Inlet, large acreages in the trees, beautiful custom homes and plenty of fixer-uppers for those who want to add a personal touch to their home.
As far as amenities go, Anchor Point is home to Chapman School which has become one of the highest academically achieving schools in the Kenai Peninsula School District. Medial and dental clinics are in town and plans are in place for SVT to build a new community health center to serve the growing needs of residents.
There are coffee shops, places to eat, galleries, a thriving seniors center and oh so much to do outdoors.
Anchor Point is worth a look!
Homer’s statistics were released this morning.
Over the past 12 months 100 single family residences closed in the Homer area.  That was down 8 from last year.
The median sale price was $266,500, up 8% from the previous 12 months.
Median days on market was 94, which is up 28 days from last year and the ratio of median sale price to final median sale price was 98% (down 2% from the previous 12 months.
In the spring and very early in the summer, we struggled with inventory.  Generally, the houses that were on the market had been there for a while and home buyers were pretty eager to see new properties get listed. I’ll be interested to take a snapshot of this market in August and see what the new batch of listings changed these numbers.

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