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Love it or List it: Taking out the Trash

I fell out of love with my house in February and I have to admit, my house and I are still going through a rough patch. In my quest to love it or list it, I decided to get started on the things that were really bothering me.

First thing? I felt like my family was drowning in stuff. So I did a huge declutter. And I admit, it felt gooooood. I donated stuff, I recycled stuff, gave stuff away, and I generally got rid of a whole bunch of clutter from my house.

I need to make a habit of it. Because even though my pants fit the same, I fell a whole lot lighter after that project. So I called up Moore and Moore Services and set up residential garbage pick up. It was quick, easy, and definitely cost effective.

Two days after my call, a new green trash can arrived in my driveway and guess what?It’s lockable! Take that neighbor dog! You, too random black bear who can open locks! I have a trash can that needs thumbs to unlock. Ha!

Love it: 1
List it: 0

Where to donate your gently used stuff:
Pick-n-Pay, Drop Box located at 276 Jenny Way, Homer
Salvation Army Donation Center, 268 East Pioneer, Homer
Big Brothers Big Sisters Clothing Bins are at Safeway and Ulmers

Where to dispose of used electronics:
Cook Inletkeeper Annal Recycling Event

Residential Garbage Services:
Moore and Moore Services: (907) 235-8837
Alaska Waste: 907-235-8359

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