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My Summer Bucket List

Summer Solstice, the official start to summer, has me thinking of this year’s summer bucket list. Every year I compile a list of things that I’ve been dreaming about doing all winter. I feel like if I don’t write it down, I’ll forget about it and later regret it when the snow flies. There are so many awesome things to do in a Homer summer, it’s like the menu at an ice cream shop where you struggle to make a choice.

So, here is my 2017 summer bucket list:

See the bears at Katmai! I’ve lived in Alaska for 10 years and seeing wildlife never gets old. This year, I want to go to Katmai and I want to see the bears.  My husband is a pilot and we’re lucky enough to have a plane so with enough cajoling, he might take me. If not, I’ll call up Stellar Air and book me a flight.
Hike the Grewink Glacier Trail. I’ve wanted to do this hike for years. It’s a 10 kilometer trail and ends right at the glacier. The best thing about an Alaskan summer is that we have enough sunlight to get that hike accomplished. I roped my friend, Melissa into this and if I’m lucky enough, I can rope Heather into it, too. All that’s left is to find a good day to go and make it happen.

Make my black thumb green. Turning my black thumb green has been a goal of mine ever since I built a bunch low tunnels in my back yard a few years back. After the garden disaster of 2016, I got back in the saddle and planted squash, peas, basil, chard, herbs and kale. Of course I put in some more tomatoes – because there’s nothing in the world like a home-grown tomato!

Keep Boxing. Earlier in the year, I signed up for the Fit to Fight classes at Kbay Martial Athletics. I thought it would be a good exercise class and that if I formally set aside the time every week, I’d be likely to go. I didn’t expect to love it. Never in a million years did I think I’d enjoy boxing classes. But I do!

Eat at La Baliene every chance I get. La Baliene Cafe is my very favourite restaurant on the spit. I stalk their Facebook page every spring and if I’m not there on opening day, I’m there soon after. In my humble opinion, this place makes the best french fries hands down. But calling them out for amazing french fries ignores Kirsten Dixon’s incredible culinary talent. This year, I’m going to try their new dinner service. The menu is inspired and sophisticated and I can hardly wait to try it.

Teach my son to bike without training wheels. This will be a big one for him and I’m super excited about it. There are lots of fun places to ride with kids. The spit trail, the skate park, the bike path…lots of possibilities!

Bonus Points:
I’ll give myself bonus points if I can manage to attend Culinary Classes at the Tutka Bay Lodge. They’re doing things a little different this year by offering classes on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Seaside Garden on Fridays, Celebration on Saturdays and Northern Table Sundays.

It’s going to be a great summer! I can’t wait to get out there. 

What’s on your summer bucket list this year? Comment below and share your ideas and inspiration for summer fun.


My 2016 garden catastrophe! After being told to open my low tunnels to let the heat out, a moose came by and ate ALL my broccoli. Alaska problems.


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