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Three Couches and a Pickle: Shipping to Homer

Just about anyone who’s lived in Homer has bumped up against the issue of how to get stuff here. Sometimes, it’s little stuff that costs more to ship to Homer than it does to purchase and sometimes it’s big stuff, like a couch or three.

Nine years in, here are my Top 3 tips for getting stuff shipped to Homer:

  1. Redden Marine 
    Redden Marine in Homer (aka the Gear Shed) has a Fedex forwarding address in Fife, WA that you can ship large and small things to and they will bring it up on their next delivery. The deal is that you need to call Phil at Redden (907) 235-8612 for the address and for shipping label instructions. Prices vary based on weight and they are very reasonable.
  2. Freight Transfer Companies
    Last week I bought new furniture for my house in Anchorage. The particular furniture store I used did not ship to Homer. That was a bit of a problem. I had access to a trailer but it would mean taking a full day to make the drive to and from Anchorage. I didn’t feel excited about that prospect. The solution: local freight transfer companies. In the end, I used Kar-A-Van Transfer (907) 235-7031 to bring down two couches and a love seat. They brought my couches to Homer for me to pick up at their warehouse on Kachemak Drive. Still cheaper and easier than going to Anchorage with a trailer on my own. Friend recommended On Demand Trucking (907) 399-1838.

  3. The Big Guys
    When we moved out of Dillingham we used Lynden Transport (907) 276-4800. They’re known for trucking and flying freight to and from Alaska. They delivered my super-heavy mattress a few years back and their customer services was outstanding. Carlile Transportation 1-800-487-1853 is another good option for shipping within Alaska.

So there are my top three options for getting things shipped here. Of course there’s always Amazon Prime. However, the good thing about living in Homer is that there are usually great places to shop locally so that you don’t even have to contend with this problem.

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