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Weekly Home Statistics

Once a week, Homer Realtors get a update on the local real estate market. The information gives an interesting look at what’s going on in the area.  For those who love numbers:

The median home price in the Homer area $251,800

Average number of days a home stays on the market: 67 (that’s down 22 days in the past 12 months)

Ratio of median sale price to median final list price: 99%

This is great information on the market as a whole but it just gives a taste for what’s going on in the market. There are a few properties in this data set that are languishing. Like the saying goes, ‘when the price is right, it sells overnight. When the price is wrong, it stays too long.”

Priced and marketed properly in this market, your house stands a good chance of selling quickly and for close to asking.




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